Pricing for Mural and Faux Finishes 

Custom Mural Pricing


Hand Painted Custom Murals.  There are a lot of variables that determine the cost of a mural (see below for more details.)




Custom Faux Finishes.  Like Murals, Faux Finishes have a lot of variables to determent price (see below for more details)




Need help finding that perfect color?  I have a number of fan decks I can bring to your space and help you find the perfect one.


$100 per hour

Pricing a mural or faux finish isn't as straight forward as we would hope.  There are a number of variables that go into the pricing.  Let's start off with the largest factors.

  • Size of the project

  • Location

  • Scaffolding Requirements

  • Cost of Product Used

  • Number of Passes Needed for Faux Finishes

Example:  Let's say we have an accent wall measuring 8' x 10'.  If I'm applying Venetian plaster and burnishing it to high gloss, that will take 5 passes (quartz primer, three coats of plaster and burnishing)  If the wall was a level 5 finish to begin with then that would cost approximately $1000-$1200.  Now let's look at the same wall and glaze the wall to look like plaster.  That would take 3 passes and run approximately $500-$700.   My cost per square foot can run from anywhere between $6 to $40 depending on the variables.   Faux Finishes typically fall between $6 - $18 per square foot.   Murals typically fall between  $25-$40 per square foot.   The easiest way to get a firm price is to have me come out and look at you space and discuss options to meet your budget.  Some of the plaster jobs will have a minimum square foot area price of 100 sq feet.  So if you have 20 ft or 100ft it would be the same price.  There are a few reasons for this but the main reasons are the minimum amount of product that has to be ordered, set up and break down times.  On the other side of that coin you can get a volume discount as the square footage goes up the price can go down per square foot.   

My prices don't include any wall prep like skimming, crack repair or sanding unless noted in the estimate.  Usually I will be able to point out any defects that will show up in the finish so you can decide what you want to do about it before I start.   Pricing also doesn't include travel expenses if you are located outside of the Mertro Portland Oregon area.  

Pricing Variables